Ordained TAO-WU-SHIN Warrior Monk since 2007 

Current Apprenticeships
Tao-Wu-Shin Kung Fu Apprenticeship
This Apprenticeship is designed to give a person a high level of skill in Martial Arts and foundational full body strength training and endurance. At the same time they will receive a qualification that allows them to teach Tao-Wu-Shin Kung Fu. Practitioners also get a coloured sash of the Tao-Wu-Shin Kung Fu lineage.
Monastic Ordination Apprenticeship
This Apprenticeship is for people that want to become Ordained as either a Tao-Wu-Shin Monk or a Tao-Wu-Shin Warrior Monk.
Self-Mastery Apprenticeship
This Apprenticeship is for people who wish to realize complete Self-Mastery, giving them the absolute confidence and skill-set to be able to live any kind of life that they desire.