Ordained TAO-WU-SHIN Warrior Monk since 2007 

Chi-Gung & Tai-Chi Instruction

These two ancient Taoist arts are some of the more important disciplines of Meditation, useful for bringing clarity, Spiritual Insight and greater levels of energy to the mind.
Both of these practises are incredibly simply to learn but they each require years of cultivation to fully master.
The four principle forms of Chi-Gung practise taught by Master Jing are Earthly Chi, Heavenly Chi, Fanning The Fire and Microcosmic Orbit.
After sufficient practice of these foundational techniques, one learns to enter into the formless practice of Tai-Chi.
In all of this, there is no need to memorise extensive movements or a step-by-step routine which would serve nothing but to overcomplicate the simplicity of real technique.

One lesson is sufficient to introduce the essential practise of each discipline.

The progression of insight, amount of physical energy uncovered and the strength to which the individual manages to attain all come down to how much homework they do.
These particular disciplines are taught in one lesson over a period of one hour, but with enough practise and persistence the positive effects that they produce can last an entire lifetime.

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