Ordained TAO-WU-SHIN Warrior Monk since 2007 

Elite Personal Training is the name given to one of the Physical & Mental Disciplines of Tao-Wu-Shin Kung Fu. It is called Elite Personal Training because it cannot simply be called 'Personal Training', for fear of an ignorant comparison to what is commonly practised and taught throughout many educational institutions all over the world.

A Science of body & mind that has become so watered down as to be commonly found being taught by people with practically no experience, while at the same time suffering from obesity and other debilitating conditions, Personal Training is only similar in a handful of ways to the Elite form of this discipline that is practised within Tao-Wu-Shin Kung Fu.

First and foremost, every instructor of Elite Personal Training must be a prime living example of exactly what this advanced form of training is all about. Through intense physical exercise, body conditioning and mind-over-matter training both the physical body and mental focus are pushed to the absolute limit. Only those suited to the development of an Elite 'mind-set' are able to completely take this discipline to such heights.
As a corner-stone of our way of life, Elite Personal Training serves the purpose of promoting life-giving energy within our body and mind. As a tool that can be applied to every area of the physical body, it is extremely effective at maintaining a fit, agile and healthy form. At the same time it is used to focus the energy of the mind into productive and dynamic activity that generates greater awareness of ones physical environment, bringing an obvious benefit to ones meditation practise.
Fully inquiring into the discipline of Elite Personal Training is something that takes many years to accomplish. It is recommended only for those who sincerely wish to reach unfathomable heights of physical, mental and spiritual strength, for those who belong to, or those who at least wish to belong to the Upper Echelon, so to speak, the ranks of the Elite.

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