Ordained TAO-WU-SHIN Warrior Monk since 2007 

Self-Mastery Instruction
Those who wish to gain both greater understanding and greater control over the many various aspects of their lives, find themselves drawn to the world of Self-Mastery.
Self-Mastery Instruction is provided over the course of several weeks in a way that transmits a comprehensive foundation in all the essential skills of this Science.
True Self-Mastery is always and must always be a holistic endeavour, covering aspects of Physical, Mental and Spiritual Practise. Again, this is a service only really suited to those who are serious about bringing real and lasting positive changes to their life.
With a single course of instruction, the client is guaranteed to walk away at the end of the process with a large foundational skillset that they must then continue to cultivate personally.
As opposed to Life Coaching, Self-Mastery instruction is for those that want to learn the basics, so that they can put the rest of the puzzle together themselves. There is a certain level of creativity required for this approach, because, as a Scientist tests many different methods and approaches to realize the intended result, so too does the Self-Mastery student take it upon themselves to expand on their instruction and guide their own life in their own chosen direction.
Self-Mastery Instruction provides a foundational course of training. However, clients do have the option of continuing on to engage in a much longer form of training over the course of many years, wherein they make personal arrangements with Master Jing and enter into a formal Self-Mastery Apprenticeship.

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