Ordained TAO-WU-SHIN Warrior Monk since 2007 

Tao-Wu-Shin (The Way of No-Mind) Kung Fu
Kung Fu, in it's purest form is a comprehensive way-of-life that places sole focus on the attainment of complete Self-Mastery. Needless to say, this is not just a pursuit of the Physical, but of the Mental and Spiritual domains also.

The practises of Tao-Wu-Shin Kung Fu are at once, a system of living that ensures continual evolution in all areas of life, this being our Physical bodies and lives, our Mental states and capabilities and our Spiritual Awareness.

In modern language, the most appropriate way to think of Tao-Wu-Shin Kung Fu, if you are not currently a practitioner of this way of life, would be something along the lines of a fusion of Zen, Shaolin, Buddhist and Taoist (Wudang) Practise. Though our way of life is in no-way religious, in most cases today, the level of commitment and dedication that we give to our practise can only be found in the Monastic Orders of such Religious traditions.

My own teacher once said "Tao-Wu-Shin is a destination and a lifestyle, for those who are still free of Spirit and Mind, or, those who wish to get back to a still, free Spirit and Mind".

The disciplines of Tao-Wu-Shin Kung Fu are designed to do nothing but liberate us from any and all limitation. Adding anything more than this would be 'Adding Sleet On-Top Of Snow'.

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